Thursday, February 18, 2010

What LAW I Learned from TV: About this Blog

I got inspired to start this blog while studying for the Colorado Bar Exam.  I was reviewing the outlines for Contract Law and later that evening took a break, turned on the television, and caught a rerun of Seinfeld.  The curse of being a lawyer sometimes is that you can't help but apply the principles of legal analysis to things intended purely for entertainment!  As I watched the episode, I couldn't help thinking about how the rules of contract that I had just studied would apply to a situation in the show.  This line of thought resulted in my first post (which was originally a speech I gave at my Toastmasters club).

The plan is to write an entry whenever the legal side of my brain keeps me from just relaxing and enjoying a tv show and, conversely, whenever I read about a legal issue that reminds me of a tv show I've seen.  Some of my current and all-time favorites include:  Seinfeld, The Office, Veronica Mars, LOST, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development, Newsradio, 30 Rock, and Beverly Hills 90210.  Even though I occasionally watch shows like the thought-provoking and accurate Law & Order and the horrifically bad CSI: Miami, I doubt I will write much about these.  Rather than focus on shows centered on "the law," I will attempt to analyze legal principles that come up in more everyday situations. 

DISCLAIMER:  This blog in no way purports to provide legal advice.


  1. Ha ha, awesome blog idea, Emma! I recently watched an episode of How I Met you Mother that made me think of you, Matt and everyone: "Dude, you've just been lawyered!"

  2. Thanks, Jen! I totally have an idea for an assault and battery post from an episode of HIMYM! I love it when Marshall says "LAWYERED!"

  3. i always wanna know this stuff. now I have a place to look for 'answers' to my late night, rerun fueled quandaries. Thanks!